BAI is a certified Nevada provider that offers quality residential support to individuals with developmental disabilities. We offer many services tailored to meet a variety of specific needs.

Person Centered Planning

All BAI supports are based on the person centered approach. First and foremost, we consider what assistance and life goals the individual desires. BAI then works in conjunction with the support team, involved family members, physicians, state service coordinators, and any other involved parties to determine and develop the most appropriate supports.


BAI offers two types of residential home support services  (ISLA and TSLA).

  • BAI offers 24-hour residential home support for individuals in services. Independence and privacy are key components of our program. Individuals typically reside with two or three roommates.
  • Each resident has his/her own bedroom as well as access to common areas of the house.
  • For more specific information on ISLA and TSLA services, please refer to the Levels of Support section.


BAI operates three types of apartment settings (ISLA, TSLA, and SLA).

  • ISLA apartments are for individuals who require 24-hour assistance. Individuals in this program typically live with a roommate in a two-bedroom apartment. Each individual has their own bedroom and all common areas are shared.
  • TSLA apartments are for individuals who require daily but not 24-hour assistance. Individuals in this program typically live with a roommate in a two-bedroom apartment. Each individual has their own bedroom and all common areas of the apartment are shared.
  • SLA apartments are for individuals who have the desire and ability to live relatively independent with minimal staffing. SLA recipients typically live in either a studio or one bedroom apartment. They may or may not have a roommate.

Medical Support

BAI supports individuals with a variety of medical needs. From scheduling appointments to appointment attendance, we assist individuals with as much or as little support as required.


BAI has access to nursing services 24-hours a day. If there are ever health-related questions that require medical recommendations, a qualified healthcare professional is just a phone call away.

Medication Management

Our trained employees support individuals to take prescribed medication as outlined by their physicians. We ensure all medication orders are implemented as directed and our documentation system provides accurate medication accountability.

Benefit Management

BAI coordinates with Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security to ensure ongoing benefit eligibility. Many individuals choose BAI as their Representative Payee to help manage their finances. Our experienced accounting team provides detailed supervision of expenditures and transparent detail of account transactions.

Behavior Support Services

BAI offers assistance to individuals presenting with a variety of challenging behaviors. Our behavior team utilizes Positive Behavior Supports to develop personalized treatment plans to assist in reducing maladaptive behavior. All BAI employees are trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), a national behavioral management course that advocates for the care, welfare, safety, and security of all individuals in services.


BAI assists individuals with transportation needs. Whether it is getting to work, a doctor appointment, the grocery store, or just out to have a good time, BAI helps facilitate community access. We coordinate Para-Transit and Fixed Route bus services. Authorized BAI staff may also be available to transport individuals to and from appointments and community activities.


BAI supports people to live fulfilling, meaningful lives. We encourage and facilitate participation in regular recreation activities and events.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

BAI offers as much or as little support necessary to complete all aspects of Activities of Daily Living. Activities of Daily Living are separated into two categories.


  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Self-feeding
  • Functional transfers (Getting from bed to a wheelchair, getting onto or off of a toilet, etc.)
  • Bowel and bladder management
  • Ambulation [Walking without use of use of an assistive device (walker, cane, or crutches) or using a wheelchair]


  • Housework
  • Taking medications as prescribed
  • Managing money
  • Shopping for groceries or clothing
  • Use of telephone or other form of communication
  • Using technology (as applicable)
  • Transportation within the community

We customize programs that offer as little assistance as daily reminders to detailed training plans that teach basic necessary living skills. All programs are based on the needs and abilities of the individual.

Above all, BAI is committed to individualized, team oriented services that lead to independence.

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